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How to Solve the CO2 Problem without Tears

Marchetti, C., 1989

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 14 (8):493--506


Natural gas will be the dominant primary energy source during the next 50 years and consequently the main source of CO2 emissions. A procedure is proposed where natural gas is steam reformed to CO2 and H2O , using nuclear heat from HTR nuclear reactors. CO2 is permanently stored underground, e.g. by reinjection in the original gas field. Hydrogen is piped to the final consumer neat, or mixed with natural gas. A joint venture is proposed between Western Europe and the Soviet Union, where a set of HTR reactors would reform increasing shares of the natural gas piped to Western Europe. The location of the plants in Western Ukrainia would permit using CO2 for tertiary recovery in the old oil fields there. Some economics are given.

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